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R-Furtive Silent powered paraglider

Paramotor – foot launch – specially designed for French Special Forces
New air mobility carrier: Silent approach, Infiltration, Extraction, Reconnaissance flight…

With the support of the DGA (French Defence Procurement Agency) and French armed forces operating units for the Pegase project, VAYLON has developed a strong expertise in the development of innovative air and land mobility solutions.
To respond to French special forces’ needs, the R-Furtive has the most recent paramotor technologies which combined power, lightness, safety and high industrial quality.
All the improvements have been done to reduce the noise, to be stealthier and more discreet in operation, with a decrease of more than 20 dB compared with other paramotors.

R-Furtive Specifications

  • R-Furtive
    Dry weight : 46 lbs (21kg).
    Power : 25 HP – 180 lbs (static thrust with a 51” [130cm] propeller).
    Stealthiness : Low sound signature.
    Canopy drift : Until 30 mi (50km).
    Range : Around 100 mi (150km).
    Benefits : Compact and transportable system,
    Easy training,
    High resistant titanium frame,
    Extreme handling, ease of use,
    Low-cost solution.

Additional full services : Turnkey solutions

More flexibility: Thanks to a full range of powered paragliders and services, VAYLON offers you a global package :
Trainings, R-Furtive, PEGASE & supports, VAYLON offers you an efficient solution to realize a wide range of missions.

  • Approval referred
    Air speed
    Useful payload
    Examples of missions
  • R-Furtive Paramotor
    Europe (Ultralight Aircraft), World
    + / - 100 mi (150km)
    25mph (40kph)
    up to 70 lbs / two-seater possible
    20 hours
    Supply mission, intelligence, marking
  • Pegase 450 - 2016
    Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)
    200 – 500 mi (300 – 750 km)
    50mph (80kph)
    up to 440 lbs (200kg)
    100 hours
    Aerial surveillance over wide areas, express deliveries, border controls, Fight against terrorism
  • Pegase 550 - 2017
    Europe, World
    200 – 500 mi (300 – 750 km)
    50mph (80kph)
    up to 550 lbs (250kg)
    100 hours
    Action, infiltration, extraction

Our training programs.

- Pilot training
- Instructor training
- Strengthening skills
- Foreman training
- Mechanic training

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