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To be allowed to flight, it is necessary to be at least 15 years old and to have an ULM (or LSA) pilot license. Paramotor certification is mandatory and will be delivered by a qualified instructor.

To be allowed to fly Pegase or a powered paraglider, VAYLON has selected a network of qualified instructors that will teach you a qualified pilot training that will reinforce your pilot capabilities or that will help you to obtain a complementary qualification (two-seater, trike, improvement program, Pegase…).

Contact us if you want to follow Instructor, Foreman or Mechanic training program.

Paris region

Consult us at : 130 rue de Lourmel – 75015 Paris
+33 (0)1 43 78 24 96

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Paramoteur Vallee Arberoue

PAYS BASQUE (South-West of France)

PARAMOTOR Plateform, 64240 Saint-Martin-D'Arberoue
Pays d'Hasparren


VAYLON strongly recommends this training school in the Pays Basque area (south of France).

In the Arberoue Valley, the take-off and landing area is located in a great place on a hill of the town of Saint-Martin. Two instructors, Vincent & Christophe, very good teachers and listeners will welcome you there. They are both coming from the parachuting and paragliding sector and have both strong skills in all flight domains.

Contact : Christophe VACHET & Vincent.
06 31 32 08 72



130 rue de Lourmel
75015 Paris

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