A new land and aeronautical adventure…


The magic that comes from the Jules Verne’s world has aroused many sailors, travelers, writers or scientists vocations...

From the balloon to helicopters, from jet engines to rockets, we found in the Jules Verne’s work all stages of the sky conquest.
His novels glorify scientific and technical advances that today enable us to go to the moon, 20,000 leagues under the sea or around the world in 80 days.

But only one discovery imagined by Jules Verne was not investigated by human genius: the flying car !

Who never dream to get out of its garage and take off with total freedom ?
Who never dream to do an 80 days world trip in a flying car ?

That remains a fantasy for human. A myth, inspired by science fiction.

Following ROBUR the Conqueror and Master of the world, VAYLON has the objective to develop the first world certified flying car !
This adventure gathers all the Jules Verne’s novels aspects: entrepreneurship, scientific investigations, curiosity, adventure and courage.

Automotive & aeronautical manufacturer

The VAYLON company, a Young and Innovative Company founded in 2010, has launched the Pegase project with the objective to design, produce and commercialize a new mobile system which permits to fly over all the ground constraints.

Industrial partnerships of excellence

Partners vaylon

Vaylon surrounded itself with a network of industrial partners of excellence to make this project a success


For the mechanical design and the industrialization of the vehicle, Tork Engineering brings its expertise, know-how and skills in preliminary studies and in the production of ground vehicles. Tork Engineering is well known in the automotive area for its several success in the motor sport competitions (Andros Trophy, Pikes Peak, Mitjet Series…) using its leading-edge technologies and its specific vehicles (4x4, electrical car…).


Based closed to the famous Magny-Cours racing circuit, Danielson Engineering is an engineering company, labelled CRO (Contract Research Organization) and specializes in the design, manufacture and development of engine prototypes which are necessary to the validation of new engine concepts for car and automotive equipment manufacturers.


Supports vaylon


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TO DARE, it’s to think that nothing is impossible !